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For the Love of Food: Resisting the TPP

Photo from Wikimedia

Photo from Wikimedia

Hormones in our milk? – Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) is coming to markets near you via the Transpacific Partnership (TPP). BGH has been used in American agriculture since the nineties. By injecting cows with BGH, Monsanto has been increasing yields and profits. From 1994 to 1998, Dr. Shiv Chopra and Maude Barlow educated Canadians to pass a moratorium on hormone milk, and so BGH has never been okayed by Health Canada. However, Dr. Chopra is now warning that the moratorium on BGH will be mute with the TPP, a trade deal which regulates much more than the price of goods. When interviewed on the CBC last week Chopra said — “We worked upon it so much and got [bovine growth hormone] rejected in Canada…Now, under the trade agreement, it’s going to let the flood-gates open.”

Discriminating against corporations? — Under the TPP – TTIP – CETA, transnational corporations will direct the flow of products, services, and commerce. Though 87% of Canadians are concerned about the TPP lowering food safety standards, according to an Environics poll commissioned by the Dairy Farmers of Canada, they won’t be able to protect their families under the TPP because upholding a moratorium on BGH would be discriminatory to American agri-business. In the new trade, social, ethical or environmental restrictions placed on investors (corporations) which limit profits, like a moratorium on BGH milk, is discriminatory and cause for an ISDS lawsuit. Using NAFTA, the very first trade of this magnitude, Lone Pine Corp. is presently suing Canada for 250 million dollars for its moratorium on fracking in Quebec. Taxpayers pay the bill. Future generations pay the price. Protective regulations are dropped when they do not fit the economic obligations of the treaty. In the TPP those regulatory areas include, but are not limited to, agriculture, public services, internet freedom, pharmaceutical costs, and more.

Want your say? — If the TPP is ratified the way it is written, Canadians will be consuming hormones in dairy. Further, if the CAN-EU CETA or the US-EU TTIP is ratified, so will Europeans. We risk the right to select the food we choose to feed our families across the continents of all the signatory nations — Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. With trade of this animal, the only enforceable chapter is Chapter 11,  the profit of investors. Everyday citizens are not invited to help shape the policy at the top of the food chain. Don’t you think it’s time you had your say?


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